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Customer Testimonials

I have been bringing my cocker spaniel, Oliver to Pet Grooming by Carole since he was 8 weeks old. For the last 9 years Carole has been much more than a groomer for my dog she has been part of our family. Oliver has many behavioural issues as well as many health issues, i.e. cherry eye surgery, gland removal, and eventually an eye removal, as well as many skin and ear issues. Carole is always able to accommodate Oliver and he enjoys being in her salon. I could not imagine bringing my baby to anybody else.            

– Adrienne Carpenter and Oliver


Our Bailey, affectionately known as "Barky Bailey" was always a bit hyper and was not a good traveller by car. A neighbour mentioned to us that she had been going to a particular vet clinic and that the groomer there was, in her words, "exceptional". We decided to give that groomer a try. That was about eight years ago. That groomer was Carole Saunders, owner of Pet Grooming by Carole.  Although Bailey's grooming was not a fancy clipping (a show dog she wasn't), she was always well groomed; evenly clipped and pampered. Special needs were attended to. She was ever content to be in Carole's care.   Carole and her staff are super attentive. Any issues discovered during grooming are promptly brought to your attention. In many instances she is able to offer a course of action or recommend a product to assist your dog's wellbeing. Carole and her staff continually update their qualifications and education on doggie care & grooming.  Carole and staff always provide friendly, professional, high quality service and care. We highly recommend them.

- Val and Rick D.



We have been bringing our dogs to Carole for 3 years now and they love it! We call it "doggy spa day" and they get all excited on the car ride to Carole's. Teddy bear cut is my favourite for Lizzy. Rebeca is our older dog and she loves to be pampered and taken care of. Her white coat is beautiful and she is so proud when we pick her up. We recommend Carole and her team for all of our clients when they move into the area.

- Michelle and Joe Cifala



Carole is an expert in her field. Along with numerous years in the business, she has sat on the board of the humane society and taught her skills of grooming at college level. All signs that she is the best at what she does and is a well-versed leader of her trade. She is a true advocate for animals and is caring and compassionate when caring for them. Her and the staff do a wonderful job with Buddy and Watson in a comfortable, clean and inviting environment. I would (and do), highly recommend her to anyone in need of these services. Truly,

- Andrea (Long standing client)

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